What is The BroadOak Bursary Fund

Once up and running, the BroadOak Bursary Fund will finance scholarships and need-based financial assistance for PACT Educational Trust. Bursaries and scholarships at PACT schools have previously been funded entirely out of fee income. This limits PACTs ability to reach out to deserving but needy families who would otherwise be big proponents of PACT’s educational offering. The BroadOak Bursary Fund will free up fees to be used for other uses, such as much-needed improvements in facilities and teaching resources. It will also enable PACT to reach out to the greater community, spreading the word about the benefits of character-based education.

Money will be managed by the trustees of PACT Educational Trust, which has more than 20 years’ experience in financing high-quality education. As the schools grow the fund will too, through charitable donations and sound investment decisions.


What is the Fund for?

The needs-based bursaries are for those families and students who would like to have access to PACT’s unique educational offering. Bursaries will range from the generous to small awards, helping underprivileged and middle-income families alike afford an education at one of PACT’s four visionary schools.