Who qualifies?

Any potential student aged between 3-18 years interested in attending one of the four PACT Educational Trust Schools

The process

Families whose income does not allow them to pay full fees may apply for a bursary, an income-related fee reduction. Interested families should fill out a bursary form. That may be followed by an interview with first-time applicants to discuss their needs and requirements.

The application is then considered by the Bursary Committee, comprising three trustees and the chief executive of the charity. Final decisions are communicated as part of the admissions process.

PACT also offers a generous sibling policy throughout all its schools, from reception onwards, for families where 3 or more children are attending a PACT School at any one time. The first two enrolled children in a family are charged fees at the full rate. Thereafter families are charged 60% of fees for the 3rd child in a PACT school, 40% for the fourth child. Fees are waived for the fifth and subsequent children enrolled at a PACT school.

How to apply

Please email vanessa.middleton@pactschools.org.uk to be sent an application form